Best Adventure Games For Android & iOS in 2020 (Offline/Online)

Best Adventure Games

Best Adventure Games

Hey guys, sometimes you’re not very satisfied in a fast-paced shooter or even a battle Royal game. You want to slow things down and travel to another world in those situations. The best thing you can do is play some tried-and-true  Best Adventure Mobile Game.

Now, I will share the top 5 Trending Adventure Mobile Games with you. So let’s start the countdown…


Best Adventure Games

Best luck is an interactive Adventure Mobile Game built on a rich storyline. The game is designed to tell you a lot of different and mystical stories with amazing and unique endings. In this Mobile Game you will explore the interactive world as the main character and solve challenging puzzles. Help the main character to reveal the secret of his dreams and find out that he wants a girl who dreams of him every night and where she came from. 

Navigate through beautifully illustrated scenes of the game and find the items you need to help solve puzzles. Overall this is a stunning fully interactive story-driven adventure experience.

2. Life is Strange

Best Adventure Games

life is strange is another graphic adventure developed by Telltale Games creators of the. wolf among us follows along as you take on the life of the talented young Maxine a high school student who's recently discovered her budding superpower. going back in time to change the course of events in-game systems in this game is practically identical to any of the other titles by Telltale Games. 

The main appeal is that you can go back in time to rewind and fix any poor decision making of the past and thereby rectifying your mistakes to make better choices. at any point you can always go back and explore alternative routes and storylines within the game. 

3. Typoman Mobile

Best Adventure Games

Typoman Mobile is an action and Adventure Mobile Game that challenges you to help a character that's made up of letters. While he explores different platforms. To do so you need to make up different words with the letters that you stumble upon during your adventure. 

Visuals and typos men are really well-designed which are why you'll be easily submerged inside the setting where you'll find light and shadows alike. Controls are very basic and you just have to tap on the virtual d-pad located on the left side of the screen. Then just tap on the different elements to solve the puzzles on the screen. If you want to jump then tap on the action button to thrust your character vertically.

4. Ink, Mountains and Mystery

Best Adventure Games

This is the second part of the indie game from the developers of the beautiful dream.  In this game with horizontal scrolling. Your main task is the control of the main character who wants to get to the top of the mountain. Plunge into the unique and fabulous world of the game where you'll travel through three-dimensional locations and perform numerous missions and tasks of the game. 

The game will delight players bypassing the unique artistic concept of the exciting story of the protagonist. The art and animation are flawlessly beautiful and sceneries breathtaking. The stories are romantic and somewhat nostalgic. Spend your free time playing this Best Mobile Game and enjoy the unique storyline.

5. Z Shelter Survival

Best Adventure Games

This is another Adventure zombie survival with crafting buildings as well as fighting, the dead, and other survivors. Earth was a great place to live but suddenly there is an outbreak of an unknown virus that began to spread rapidly. Through the world most people have turned into brutal zombies and the remaining desperately fight for existence. 

The main character will face many dangers and threats such as hunger, thirst cold the dead other survivors, etc which you will help him overcome start by searching for supplies food, wood stone, and other materials you will need. To build a safe haven and craft items.

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