Best Gaming Laptop - HP Omen X 17

HP Omen X 17

Best Gaming Laptop - HP Omen X 17
Best Gaming Laptop - HP Omen X 17

A specially designed Best gaming Laptop: HP Omen X 17 is specially designed for the gamer who truly wants everything, and we really mean it. From amazing performance to a full complement of expansion ports, the Omen X has all these… and it’s priced to match.

Design - HP Omen X 17

Like the Acer Predator Helios 500, the HP Omen X 17 is an amazing 17.3-inch laptop. It is 41mm thick and a whopping 9.9 pounds in weight, it is a gargantuan machine by any measure.

Surprisingly, a small amount of its weight comes from the chassis of the laptop: It's made up of mix up of aluminum and plastic, though it all does have a metallic, industrial look.

It has Boldly backlit all around, its default lighting color is a dazzling red, but this can be fully tuned within HP’s configuration app. Keyboard backlighting can be individually tuned on each key and numerous lighting animated modes.

The Omen X has its specially designed mechanical keyboard. Instead of mushy buttons, the Omen’s keyboard is clicky, best especially designed for gaming purposes.


The Omen X has amazing components, including a 2.9GHz Core i7-7820HK CPU, 32GB of RAM, with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU.

The Omen X has a very fast processor, though it’s a 7th-generation Core CPU.

It has a special design GTX 1070 model graphic card standard on high-end gaming laptops. Lastly, this was the only machine in the roundup to include two storage devices: A 1TB traditional hard drive that serves as a beefy companion to the 512GB SSD. Ports include literally everything: 3 traditional USB 3.1 ports, 2 USB-C ports, full-size HDMI and a MiniDisplay port jack, full-size Ethernet, and even an SD card slot.

It has a 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution which is best for gaming purposes.


The HP’s gaming laptop comes with a GTX 1070. It’s the second-best laptop GPU from Nvidia’s latest range, it means it has a large amount of power: its 2048 stream processors are best, which is maximumly used in all the gaming laptops.

The GTX 1070 runs at the 1442 MHz, with a boost clock that flies beyond 1700 MHz, and also has an 8GB of RAM which is huge for Laptop GPU.

HP Omen 17 has a Longer battery life. It has the highest quality lithium-ion cells made to power the Best HP Omen laptop. The weight of Higher quality cells are less, charge faster, and longer life than other batteries.

Conclusion - HP Omen X 17

At the price of $2320, the HP Omen X is the most expensive machine, which is to be expected and it is the most capable in terms of performance and expandability.

The upgraded best performance keyboard alone is worth a good a chunk of that extra expense, though, at more than $600 in additional price over that of the least expensive laptop in this roundup, bargain seekers will want to look elsewhere. So, the HP Omen X 17 is the Best Gaming Laptop.

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